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These are the brands that are prohibited from selling cheese for breach of rules

30 mayo, 2021

Before going to the supermarket, you have to know this information: these are the brands that are prohibited from selling cheese, as they do not comply with the official standards. Keep reading!

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The Ministry of Economy has just ordered the immediate suspension of the marketing of 19 brands of cheeses and 2 natural yogurt products for failing to comply with official Mexican standards.

These after a study of the agency was carried out with the assistance of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office, where it was “found that various products called cheese and natural yogurt do not comply with the provisions of the Official Mexican Standards, so their marketing is it has led to damage and with information that can mislead consumers ”.

Profeco prohibited cheeses

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Brands that are prohibited from selling cheese

Next, we share with you the cheese brands whose marketing is immediately suspended:

  • Aurrera
  • Burr
  • Little red riding hood
  • Covadonga Cream Shop
  • The Parral
  • Frankly
  • Fud
  • Galbani
  • Lala
  • Good night
  • Philadelphia
  • Portals
  • Very accurate
  • Premier plus squares
  • Sergeant
  • Select Brand
  • Walter
  • Zwan

This decision is based on a series of detected non-compliances, for example, that they use the legend “100% milk”, without this being the case, since they add vegetable fat to replace the milk that they should contain in their preparation, providing a lower grammage than the which is declared on the label as “Net Content”.

Another reason is that in these products the percentage of use of caseinates for cheese production is not reported on the main display surface.

On the other hand, the yogurt brands Danone Bebe gastro and Danone Azúl are also prohibited for adding sugars and not meeting the minimum milk content.

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