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We tell you what each type of pasta is for and what you can cook with them

28 mayo, 2021

There are many types of pasta and not all of them serve the same purpose: there are pasta that are ideal in salads, others in soups and some for different types of stew.

If you’re new to cooking and just experimenting with pasta, don’t worry! at some point we were. So that this new experience continues to be easy and also fun, we share the types of pasta that exist and what they are for.

So, when you go to the supermarket and you already have a delicious recipe planned, know what kind of pasta you need to buy.

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Types of pasta and what to use them for

The first thing you should know is that pasta is classified into four large groups:


alphabet soup

alphabet soup

It is the generic name with which the small pasta with which soups are prepared are known: Star, wheel or gear, tongue, letters, pipirín, ammunition, among others.

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Types of pasta for boiling

Fetuccini with tomato sauce and tuna

As the name implies, they must be cooked with enough water so that they are al dente, that is, they soften, and then be able to eat them.

In this group are flat pasta, noodles and fettuccine; cylindrical and elongated, spaghetti and noodles; tubular, macaroni; lastly, spiral, screws.

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To fill

cannelloni stuffed with chard

In this group are ravioli and cannelloni that are filled with meat, spinach or cottage cheese.

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To bake

peasant lasagna

If they are not precooked, these pastas should also be boiled to rehydrate them before putting them in the oven. Such is the case of lasagna, which consists of a series of very thin rectangular sheets that, once cooked, are arranged in layers alternated with a preparation of meat, vegetables and some type of sauce.

Now that you know the types of pasta, tell us which one will you prepare right away? Do not forget to share this information with your friend, it will surely also be very useful.

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