Andalusian chickpea stew – Traditional recipe!

Andalusian chickpea stew with pringá, a delicious dish to eat in winter accompanied by a good piece of bread. The stew usually includes legumes with vegetables, meat, fish …, and this time we are going to focus on the traditional Andalusian recipe that includes chickpeas, meat and other ingredients. Depending on the area in which it is cooked, this stew contains chorizo ​​and / or blood sausage, so it is a strong and complete dish.

But what is pringá? It is known by this name to the mixture of meat products used to make the stew. It is tradition to crumble them at the end to better mix them with the legumes and eat the dish like that. This Andalusian chickpea stew is a traditional recipe that, as we say, depending on each province and in each house, they do it in their own way. However, however it is prepared, this is a good dish that is eaten as a single dish and if it is left over it can be eaten the next day. For this recipe we have used already cooked chickpeas (from the pot), but if you prefer you can use dried chickpeas, leave them to soak from the day before and cook them. Keep reading to know all the secrets and know how to make Andalusian chickpea stew from the hand of RecetasGratis.

4 diners
1h 30m
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Andalusian chickpea stew:

How to make Andalusian chickpea stew:


If you want to prepare the chickpeas yourself, you will have to soak them the night before. The next day, place them in a pressure cooker covered with water and let them cook for 20 minutes. In the meantime, cut the meat to taste and brown it in a pot or deep frying pan with a drizzle of hot oil over medium heat. Take it out and reserve it. The meat can be passed a little in flour so that the Andalusian chickpea stew sauce becomes thicker later.

Andalusian Chickpea Stew Recipe - Step 1


Prepare the vegetables so that chop the onion and the two peppers, add them to the previous casserole or pan and cook well. If necessary add a little more oil.

Andalusian Chickpea Stew Recipe - Step 2


When the vegetables are poached, add the minced garlic and stir to integrate these ingredients.

Andalusian Chickpea Stew Recipe - Step 3


Before the garlic turns brown, add the cut chorizo in pieces or slices, add the meat that you have browned before and mix.

Trick: To make a more complete “pringá”, include chopped bacon and / or blood sausage.

Andalusian Chickpea Stew Recipe - Step 4


Pour the white wine, let it cook for a couple of minutes and the alcohol evaporate. This ingredient will add a lot of flavor to the Andalusian chickpea stew, but if you don’t have it or you don’t like it, you can omit it.

Andalusian Chickpea Stew Recipe - Step 5


Add the cooked chickpeas to the casserole, cover with water, add the bay leaf and a little salt. Let everything cook for 10-15 minutes so that the meat is done a little and all the flavors are integrated. If you run out of water you can add more.

Andalusian Chickpea Stew Recipe - Step 6


While the meat is cooking, peel and cut the potatoes in medium pieces. Add them to the casserole for an authentic old-fashioned chickpea stew, with ingredients from the field and easy to get. Keep cooking over medium-low heat until the potatoes are tender, which will be about 20 more minutes.

Trick: Remember that you can add water if you see it evaporate.

Andalusian Chickpea Stew Recipe - Step 7


Taste salt and rectify if necessary. If you want to thicken the soup a little more, a very effective trick is to take some chickpeas and some pieces of potato, mash them, add them back to the casserole, mix and cook a couple of minutes more. And you already have your Andalusian chickpea stew recipe! To make it an authentic chickpea stew with pringá, remember to shred the pieces of meat and chorizo. Likewise, you can add pieces of bread that are also crumbled. We have proposed to make a chickpea stew with chorizo, but remember that you can add other ingredients that you like. For example, you can make a chickpea and spinach stew.

Andalusian Chickpea Stew Recipe - Step 8

Andalusian chickpea stew

The truth is that this Andalusian chickpea stew is so powerful that the only accompaniment that is used to serving is bread. As we say, the bread can be chopped and added directly to the stew, but slices can also be presented so that each guest can eat them as they wish. In any case, we advise you to opt for homemade bread. To do this, here are several recipes:

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