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23 mayo, 2021

Stewed potatoes with marinated ribs, a homemade spoon dish full of flavor, perfect as a starter or as a single dish. We must not give up these stews that can be made all year round, since the ingredients are very simple and basic and provide extra energy and nutrients.

This dish of potatoes with marinated ribs is traditional from Ávila, although it is a well-known stew that is made throughout the country. It is a strong stew, that is why it is worth us as a unique dish. As its name suggests, to make this dish it is necessary to use marinated ribs, which you can buy already marinated or marinated at home to your liking. Precisely, the marinated ribs are the ingredient that adds the most flavor to this recipe, that is why a good pork rib and a good marinade are important. Do you want to know more details? Keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make potatoes with marinated ribs.

2 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, Stew

Ingredients to make Potatoes stewed with marinated ribs:

How to make Stewed Potatoes with Marinated Ribs:


If you choose marinate the ribs at homeYou should put them in a container, add the spices with a good jet of oil and a little white wine and let them marinate overnight. When cooking the recipe, put a saucepan over high heat with a little oil, add the ribs and brown them.

Trick: Remember that the spices and seasonings of the marinade are totally optional, so you can adapt them to make your potatoes with ribs marinated to your liking.

Stewed Potatoes with Marinated Ribs Recipe - Step 1


Chop the onion very small and add it when the ribs are golden brown. Lower the heat and let it poach with the meat for a few minutes. Once it starts to turn golden, chop the garlic and add it. Stir it so that the garlic does not burn.

Stewed Potatoes with Marinated Ribs Recipe - Step 2


Before the garlic takes color, add the sweet paprika and stir carefully. Cook the marinated ribs over low heat.

Stewed Potatoes with Marinated Ribs Recipe - Step 3


Pour the white wine and let the alcohol reduce for a couple of minutes. Add a small glass of water and cook the ribs alone for 10 minutes.

Stewed Potatoes with Marinated Ribs Recipe - Step 4


Peel the potatoes and peel them, that is, cut them without reaching the end to break them at that point, thus they release the starch and the sauce will be thicker. Add them to the casserole, stir and add water to cover the potatoes. Halfway through cooking add a little salt. Cook the stewed potatoes with marinated ribs until they are fully cooked. If necessary, add more water. The cooking time of the potatoes will vary depending on the size of the pieces, but over low heat they can be quietly 20 minutes.

Stewed Potatoes with Marinated Ribs Recipe - Step 5


When they are ready, salt test and rectify. If the sauce is a bit light, take a few potatoes, blast them and add them to the broth, stir and cook for a few minutes over high heat. Turns off.

Stewed Potatoes with Marinated Ribs Recipe - Step 6


And ready to eat! You can now enjoy this incredible potato recipe with marinated ribs accompanied by a good slice of bread. The meat will have been crisp on the outside but very juicy on the inside, while the potatoes will have been very soft and tasty.

Stewed Potatoes with Marinated Ribs Recipe - Step 7

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Potatoes with marinated ribs – Accompaniments

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