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Stewed Cockscombs – Easy Step-by-Step Recipe

22 mayo, 2021

The dish that we prepare this time is something unusual, although it is well known in places in Spain such as Zamora and Cuenca, since it is usually served as tapas in any bar in the area. It is a stewed rooster combs recipe, a preparation of offal that can also be used for use.

It resembles the Madrid keys, but they are prepared from poultry and not from pork. It is lighter in calories than this and, in addition, very succulent and tasty. In addition, it has very beneficial properties for the joints. Discover how to make stewed cockscombs in RecetasGratis and discover this secret of Spanish cuisine.

4 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make stewed cockscombs:

How to make Stewed Cockscombs:


To make this recipe for stewed manchegas crests de gallo we will use a pressure cooker so that they are ready quickly. If you don’t have one, the only difference is that the cooking time will be longer. Heat 1 liter of water in the pot with a few pinches of salt and bay leaf. Cook for 30 minutes or 60 minutes in a normal pot.

Stewed Cockscombs Recipe - Step 1


On the other hand, prepare a frying pan with a jet of oil. Peel and laminate the garlic, sauté until golden and add the Señora and the paprika. Turn off the heat and stir to avoid burning.

Stewed Cockscombs Recipe - Step 2


Then add the flour as well. Stir and return to the fire. Pour in the fried tomato, give it a few turns to mix and leave only half a minute; turn off and reserve.

Stewed Cockscombs Recipe - Step 3


Once the ridges are cooked, fill a glass with the broth that has been created from the cooking. Pour it into the glass of a mincer and add the tomato sauce and the almonds. Add a cayenne and blend.

Stewed Cockscombs Recipe - Step 4


Go back to the pot where you have the cooked ridges and Mix with the sauce that you have already prepared well crushed. Stir carefully so that it unifies with the rest of the cooking broth. Add a point of salt if required, close the pot again and cook another half hour over medium heat.

Stewed Cockscombs Recipe - Step 5


Your own cockscomb recipe is ready! As you can see, it is super easy and it will be delicious. You can accompany with a little bread crumb to dip the sauce of the stew, as well as with salads.

Stewed Cockscombs Recipe - Step 6

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Cockscombs – Properties and other recipes

Since they are rich in hyaluronic acid, cockscombs are known to be beneficial in restoring synovial fluid in the joints, preserving their health, and improving joint diseases such as osteoarthritis. Besides being prepared stews, they can also be fried.

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