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Waking Stew – Grandma’s TRADITIONAL Recipe

21 mayo, 2021

The Andalusian vigil stew is one of those dishes that cannot be missed at Easter, especially the Holy Friday or Friday of Lent. It is a stew of chickpeas, spinach, cod and egg very popular in Andalusia, although today it is prepared throughout the country as it is an ideal spoon dish for winter and very traditional. Its exact origin is unknown, but we do know that it is a recipe that arises due to the prohibition of eating meat during the Lenten period imposed by religion. Therefore, it is such a popular dish for these days.

Regardless of its history, we are facing a simple and very nutritious dish, since it contains proteins of high biological value, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Currently, in each house they have their way of doing it, however, in Free Recipes we will teach you the traditional recipe so that you can enjoy it as is or make the modifications you want. Keep reading and discover with us how to make waking soup.

4 diners
2h 30m
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Waking Pottage:

How to make Waking Pottage:


Before you start preparing the vigil soup recipe, soak the chickpeas the day before and leave them for about 8-12 hours.

Trick: if you make the waking pottage with pot chickpeas, skip this step.

Waking Pottage Recipe - Step 1


Have the desalted cod to the point of salt or let it soak for 48 hours, changing the cod water 2-3 times, and reserved in the fridge. If you have doubts about this process, in this video we show you how to desalt cod.


Chop the onion very small and the garlic cloves Also, this way the pieces will not be noticed in the pottage but they will add all their flavor.

Waking Pottage Recipe - Step 3


Boil the eggs in water for about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, let them cool, peel them and set them aside.

Waking Stew Recipe - Step 4


Heat a casserole with a splash of olive oil, poach the onion. When you see that it is poached, add the minced garlic and lower the fire a little so they don’t burn. Let these ingredients poach carefully and, before they turn color, add the paprika.

Waking Pottage Recipe - Step 5


Add the chickpeas soaked in the casserole, mix and cover with water right away so that the paprika does not burn. Let the chickpeas cook until tender, that is, for about 60-90 minutes in a traditional casserole, although the time may vary depending on the chickpea. If you make the waking pottage in a quick cooker, the chickpeas will be ready in about 45 minutes.

Trick: If you use pot chickpeas, it won’t be necessary to cook them, so you can add them and go directly to the next step.

Waking Stew Recipe - Step 6


Peel the potatoes, cut them to taste or peel them and add them when the chickpeas are cooked.

Trick: Not everyone makes the waking soup with potatoes, so if you prefer, you can eliminate this ingredient from the recipe.

Waking Pottage Recipe - Step 7


At 10 minutes, add the spinach and cod and continue cooking the vigil soup until everything is cooked. Taste salt and add a little if you see it necessary, although the cod will already add a lot of flavor.

Waking Pottage Recipe - Step 8


Put out the fire cut the eggs halved or quartered and add to the stew to heat up.

Waking Stew Recipe - Step 9


The waking soup recipe is ready! Serve the dishes right away to enjoy this incredible hot stew. As we say, the Andalusian vigil stew has undergone multiple changes over the years, that is why you can remove, add or modify ingredients. For example, you can remove the potatoes, substitute the spinach for chard, or even not use cod if you are looking for a vegetarian option. To do this, we advise you to consult this Recipe for vigil soup without cod.

Waking Stew Recipe - Step 10

With what to accompany the vigil soup

Once the waking soup with cod and spinach is ready, the best accompaniment is a little bread. To do this, go ahead and prepare it at home with these recipes:

On the other hand, you can prepare an appetizer or starter with these options: