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African FUFÚ – EASY step-by-step recipe

22 mayo, 2021

Foofoo, foufou, foutou or fufu are the names by which you can know this cassava and banana dough in different areas of Central and West Africa, although its origin is in Ghana, specifically in the Asante ethnic group. In addition to its home country, it is especially popular in Nigeria, Togo and the Ivory Coast, places where it is a staple and the main accompaniment to daily meals.

Making fufu at home can be a somewhat laborious process, but at RecetasGratis we will teach you how to prepare it in a very simple and equally delicious way. In addition, you will see that it is an economical and nutritious recipe, perfect for children and adults. Keep reading and discover how to make african fufu.

4 diners
1h 30m
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make African Fufu:

How to make African Fufu:


There are different ways to prepare fufu and some variants of the original recipe, but we want to offer one of the simplest ways and with products that can be obtained almost anywhere in the world. So that, peel the yucca with a potato peeler and cut it off sliced ​​two fingers thick. Also peel the banana and cut it in the same way.

Trick: in some countries fufu is prepared with semolina and water, in others only with cassava and in others as in this recipe.

African Fufu Recipe - Step 1


Heat the water in a saucepan with a pinch of salt. When it starts to boil, cook the yucca and plantain for 25 minutes over medium-low heat if it is a normal pot or for 10-15 minutes if it is a pressure cooker.

African Fufu Recipe - Step 2


Once both ingredients are cooked, remove them from the water, place them in a bowl and shred them. It will cost a bit because it will become a dense mass, but that is the idea. At this point, put the dough back in the pot, add a splash of water (it can be from the same previous cooking) and cook it again over low heat while continuing to move.

African Fufu Recipe - Step 3


Try to mix the fufu mass with a wooden spoon and, above all, do not stop stirring for 10 minutes, during which time the paste will become more and more diluted. Later, let it rest for 30 minutes so that it compacts and cools down. After this time, wet the fufu by dropping a few drops of water to work it and prevent it from sticking to your hands. Clever! Now you just have to form balls, sprinkle a little turmeric and paprika and use it to accompany your dishes.

Trick: Some people prefer that the African fufu be less dense and add more water.

African Fufu Recipe - Step 4

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How to serve African fufu

African fufu is a healthy and nutritious dish, especially carbohydrates. It helps regulate intestinal transit and is suitable for weight loss. However, it does not provide all the nutrients that the body needs, so it is served as an accompaniment and not as a main course. In the countries where it is cooked it is common to see it in soups and stews varied, so that a delicious way to eat it is by introducing it directly on the plate. For example, we can add it to any meat stew, vegetable soup or vegetable soup.

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