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Egg Stuffed Peppers – EASY Recipe (Baked)

21 mayo, 2021

It is very common to find in Argentine roasts, in addition to meat and achuras, the typical pepper stuffed with egg. They are also called “Panigassi“from its appearance in the popular soap opera” Gasoleros. “In it, the main actor, whose last name was Panigassi, prepared these peppers.

In RecetasGratis we bring you a baked version so you can enjoy these rich stuffed peppers without the need for a grill. Discover how to make egg stuffed peppers then you will love them!

3 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make peppers stuffed with egg:

How to make Egg Stuffed Peppers:


Wash and cut the peppers in half. With the help of a spoon or knife, remove the white nerves and seeds.

Egg Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Step 1


Cook the peppers in the oven at 200ºC for 20 minutes.

Egg Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Step 2


Remove the tripe from the blood sausage and cut it in cubes. Fill the peppers with it. If you prefer, you can choose to make the peppers with egg another filling instead of the blood sausage, such as other vegetables, chicken, chorizo ​​…

Egg Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Step 3


Break an egg over each bell pepper and bake for 10 minutes for the egg to cook.

Egg Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Step 4


Take them out of the oven, serve them and you can now enjoy these delicious peppers stuffed with egg.

Egg Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Step 5

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Ideas for serving egg-stuffed peppers and other versions

Not only can you fill the peppers with blood sausage and egg, you can also do it with:

  • Minced meat, bacon and cheese.
  • Textured soy, onion and tomato.
  • Corn and white sauce.
  • Cheese and egg.
  • Ham, cheese and egg.

The pepper is a very tasty vegetable that will go great with any of the mentioned options. On the other hand, you can accompany him like I did, with pasta, or with a green salad, toasts, rice or mashed potatoes.

Go ahead and try this recipe for peppers stuffed with egg and tell us how it turned out.